NCAA Championship Game

As Villanova beat North Carolina with an incredible game winner by Kris Jenkins. As 17 players took the floor at this game, 14 of them scored.


  • Ryan Arcidiacono: Finished with 20 points in 37 minutes. Mostly handled the ball for the team. Hit 2 three-pointers that punished UNC’s bad defense. Bad turnover to give the chance to Marcus Paige to tie the game. Very good read on the last second shot.
  • Kris Jenkins: Foul trouble only let him play 21 minutes but still came up big when needed. Did not watch the play happening and followed all the way where he got the open look because his defender (Hicks) was helping Arcidiacono.
  • Daniel Ochefu: Really good big man moves on the post. Helped Villanova get going early in the game. In switch everything defense kept his feet moving a lot and did not let most guards to get to the rim easy.
  • Josh Hart: Played 38 minutes- most in the game. Really fatigue from Oklahoma game where he had to guard Buddy Hield. Started really sloppy but hit really tough shots to break Carolina’s momentum. Led the team with 8 rebounds.
  • Phil Booth: 20 points in 25 minutes. Villanova needed a big help from the bench with Jenkins being in the foul trouble and Booth delivered. Career high 20 points and missed one shot.
  • Jalen Brunson: Was the only freshman on the floor in starting lineups. Got an easy look right after the tip-off but missed it. Hustled really well on defense when he was switched off on to a big guy, especially Brice Johnson. Hit an important corner three during Villanova’s run.

North Carolina

  • Joel Berry: Punished the switch everything defense with drives in the first half. 15 points in the first half with 3 three pointers. Really quiet in the second half. Only field goal in the second half came with a three pointer to come back from 10 point deficit.
  • Marcus Paige: Started slow, tried to attack early. Early three pointer got him going and gave confidence to shoot. Took game-high 17 shots. Went to the rim often in the second half to punish the big guy on him.Took responsibility late in the game to bring back his team and hit a tough shot to tie it.
  • Brice Johnson: Very small post touches. Really frustrated about not getting the touches he wanted. When he got the ball in the post, mostly forced the shot. Made 6 field goals. At least 3 of them were open layups-dunks. Couldn’t position on the post against a small guy.
  • Justin Jackson: Always played the X-factor role in the tournament. 3 catch-and-shoot three pointers. Did not attack the rim very well on transition. One of them led to a Villanova jumper at the end of the first half.
  • Kennedy Meeks: Played only 21 minutes. Could not get any touches down low just like Brice. Took 8 shots only made 1. Had to share his play time with Isaiah Hicks, who defended Villanova’s bigs better.

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