Kay Felder

Height/Weight: 5’9 – 176 lbs

NBA Position: Point Guard

Positives: Felder is a good scorer standing at 5’9 as a high volume shooter. His lowest in the season was 17 points. Felder scored 37 against Michigan State and 30 against Virginia. Felder also led the nation in assists with 9.3 a game, highest against Detroit with 16. His handles are at a high level and also lowered down his turnover numbers from his sophomore season.

Needs Improvement: Because of his teams’ lack of talent, Felder had to carry his team on the offensive side and also stay on the court for most of the game. Felder averaged 36.8 miutes a game his junior year and 38.5 in sophomore year. Felder had to use his energy wisely and most of the time he saved his energy on the defensive side of the ball. Felder was used to handling the ball and creating his own shot most of the time at Oakland, he did not do a great job coming off the screens.

Projected: End of 2nd round – Undrafted.

Future: Felder can play in Europe. Being a 5’9 point guard is going to have an impact on his future. His jump-shot will help him to become a pro and stay in basketball.

Reminds: Bobby Dixon from Fenerbahce


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