Domantas Sabonis

Height/Weight: 6’11 – 240 lbs

NBA Position: Power Forward

Positives: Sabonis has a really high basketball IQ. Playing European basketball before coming to Gonzaga helped him to grow as a player. Sabonis is a really good rebounder and has a soft touch with around the basket. 76 percent free throw shooter. Good defender, especially on pick and roll. His jumpshot has a potential to improve. Good passing from the post with his dominant hand. Also has variable moves to go to left in the post.

Needs Improvement: Not athletic enough to play center in the league. For his height, averaging .9 blocks a game is low. Averaged 3.2 fouls a game which is pretty high for a big-man. His physical play helped him in college but will struggle against bigger guys.

Projected: Top 10

Future: Sabonis always took the right steps in his career. Playing in Europe then coming to Gonzaga. In his first couple years he might not help the team but in the future he can become a starter in the league. The league deserves to see a Sabonis in his prime.

Reminds: Quicker Luis Scola


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