Dragan Bender

Height/Weight: 7 foot – 220 lbs

NBA Position: Power Forward

Positives: Best International player coming to the draft. Has a potential to be a really good player in the league. A lot of experience in Europe with a high level team. Averaged 7 points in 12 minutes for Maccabi. Shows his versatility and productivity in short period of time. Really good ball handling for his size. Can play pick and roll as a ball handler and the screener. Likes to run the floor and lead the break. His jumpshot has the potential to reach NBA three-pointer.

Needs Improvement: His jumpshot is not as consistent as young Dirk but with the work he can get there. Ball handling is limited to right hand. Too skinny to play center in the league. Post defense needs to improve so he can stay on the floor against teams that play 2 bigs. For a 7-footer, does not get a lot of rebounds and mostly relies on his height instead of positioning.

Projected: Top 5

Future: Bender will stay in the league for the next 10 years and can be the best European big-guy in 5 years after Gasol brothers and Dirk. If Bender drops lower than 4, he will be the steal of the draft. Can help off the bench in the next couple years.

Reminds: Young Dirk Nowitzki


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