Furkan Korkmaz

Height/Weight: 6’7 – 175lbs

NBA Position: Shooting Guard

Positives: Really athletic. Natural scorer. He finds a way to score in every situation. His athleticism helps him to finish around the basket. Good spot-up shooter. Never forces bad shots and finds the open man when defence concentrates on him. Can lead his team on the court offensively and defensively. Played decent minutes last year in Europe and showed his skills against best players in Europe. Did not look like a young player that forces things when he was on the floor. Helped his team in the best way possible. Turkish national team experience will help him blend in really quick with the veterans.

Needs Improvement: Korkmaz is really skinny at 175 for a 6’7 guard. Players at his height in the NBA, weighs around 220. He did not get to play a lot this year for his team and only got minutes when there  were scouts at the attendance. Took him a while to get used to the game when he showed out in front of the scouts. He will have to spend a lot of time in D-League in his first years till he gets bulkier. Almost no lift on his jumper that can cause some issues.

Projected: Between 10-20

Future: Korkmaz can be a really good European guard in the league. His career can go both ways, if he gets bigger he can spend rest of his career in the NBA. If he can’t produce in the next 3 years, he’ll end up in Euroleague.

Reminds:  Sam Dekker


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